Geographically speaking, Cannes is extremely well endowed, being located on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It also benefits from its setting in the picturesque and inviting region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, and its proximity to other tourist and infrastructure hotspots – such as Nice (35 kilometers from Cannes) or Monaco (54 kilometers from Cannes) – adds another plus to the tourist asset of Cannes.

The so called Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes is a genuine backbone of the city since alongside it there lie the famous beaches of the city. By its lay out, this boulevard ticks off some of the most interesting major tourist attractions, such as the Palais des Festivals et des Congrés, the Baie de Cannes and the Pointe de la Croisette.

Rent a car, Cannes

Below you can find the Cannes interactive map. It’s always important to plan your trip and get familiar with the streets names in order to easily find the itineraries, the monuments, the hotels and the restaurants in Cannes, France. In order to find an address, the map helps you zoom in and out using the button and the scale on the left side. You can zoom to the scale at which the street names are made visible. You must use the “hybrid” button (right upper side of the map) in order to visualize an itinerary using satellite images.

Cannes, France

In terms of tourist attractions proper, Le Suquet, otherwise known as the Old Town quarter, amasses the greatest number of historical objectives in Cannes. An important landmark which might help with the orientation is the Vieux Port of Cannes, eastwards from Le Suquet, both of them representing an important part of the city, which gives everyone the opportunity to get out of Cannes and to travel to other close localities by means of the bus station located in this area of the city.

Northwards from the train station in Cannes there is the Rue dAntibes, which is the heart of Cannes in terms of shopping. It crosses the Rue Jean Jaurès, and it cannot be missed given its significance for the general sash of the city.

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