Rent a car, Cannes

There are plenty of ways of getting around in Cannes, and each tourist is free to choose the manner which suits them best and helps them make the best of their experience in Cannes.

Exploring Cannes by foot

One of the most popular ways of getting around in Cannes is, without exaggerating, exploring the city on foot. Tourists should keep in mind that the mere strolling is also a common habit of the locals of Cannes, so they should rest assured: visitors will be perfectly consonant with the overall picture of the city. Furthermore, due to the fact that Cannes is mainly a city with a one way road traffic system – which might become a problem for those who come here for the first time – getting around on foot seems a little less challenging than driving around. In addition, the chance of identifying and enjoying some of the less renowned objectives of Cannes – but, nonetheless, just as interesting and worth visiting – is exponentially enhanced if the tourist chooses this way of structuring its experience of Cannes. A further argument is the fact that the city proper is rather small, so no one should worry that walking might deprive them of an exhaustive meeting with the city.

Cannes buses

Taking the bus is yet another alternative, to which tourists accommodated on the outskirts of the city or nearby it resort to in view of getting to the center Cannes. It must be mentioned that the bus system is extremely well organized and efficient, consisting of several bus companies. The system covers an area which exceeds Cannes proper, including the La Bocca district, Le Cannet and Mandelieu-La Napoule. The public transport system proves its efficiency by the strict intervals pegging out buses arrival in the stations, and also by the convenient discounts operated by the bus companies: if a ticket covering a single ride with the bus costs a little more than 1 euro, it seems that purchasing – either directly from the bus or from the bus station – a 10-ticket card comes with a 10 percent discount.

Cannes Taxis and Car Rentals

Taxis and rented cars stand as a supplementary option, more suited for those who have a better understanding of their target objectives and are already familiarized with the city. Taxis are perfect for getting around at night or for more rapid errands, whereas car rental services are popular with tourists who want, as it were, to sail their own boat without losing the comfort of a rapid means of transport. In this respect, it should be mentioned that the major car rental operators – Hertz, Avis, Budget, National or Sixt – have branches in Cannes, and due to the fact that the traffic is not so congested and parking lots – for instance, at Uniparc, Palais des Festivals, Hotel Gray d’Albion, Place Vauban or Pantiero Esplanade – are carefully managed and quite accessible, excluding the likeliness of turning parking into an issue, this alternative seems to be extremely reliable.

Cannes Boat Hire

Boat hire is the most inspired choice for exploring the coastline, and given the fact that vessels for hire range from speed boats to luxurious yachts, it means that this service is meant for suiting all pockets and tastes. The following are some of the companies hiring boats:

Camper & Nicholsons:
Port Canto, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033 (04) 93 43 16 75
Fax number:
0033 (04) 93 94 13 48
International Yacht Charter:
Jardin du Grand Hôtel
Telephone number:
0033 (04) 92 99 39 93
Mediterranée Plaisance:
20, Quai St Pierre
Telephone number:
0033 (04) 93 39 54 60
Fax number:
0033 (04) 93 68 63 13
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