Due to its geographical position – Cannes is located on the French Riviera – this popular tourist destination benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate, which turns Cannes into an all season resort. Unlike other Mediterranean counterparts, and also because of the cooling sea breeze, temperatures in summer are much easier to undergo, whereas spring and autumn, though far from enabling sunbathing, feature transitional temperatures and the likelihood of rain falls.

As from May until September, temperatures tend to exceed 20°C, and during the peak summer months, namely, July and August, they may even reach a maximum value of 27°C. Sea water temperatures stabilize around 24°C, which provides excellent conditions for spending the days at the beach. Spring in Cannes comes with an average value of 16°C in terms of air temperatures, and even if rain is highly unlikely to fall, occasional precipitations should not be disregarded.

On the other hand, autumn months bring considerable rain falls, especially in October and November, with temperatures ranging from 20 to 16°C, but a noteworthy presence is that of the Mistral winds which, for that matter, blow all the year round, but during this particular season they tend to accentuate their influence. In winter, air temperatures seldom drop below 4°C, which means that traveling in Cannes this time of year should focus on a different kind of objectives. The upside of this season is that it renders Cannes less crowded, which makes it possible for those who do not like to blend in with the considerable summer tourist flow to make a less charged experience of Cannes.

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