Rent a car, Cannes

It’s true that Nice International Airport is a much more crowded venue than Cannes Mandelieu Airport, being the main entrance gate for airborne vehicles into the wonderful world of the French Côte d’Azur. Yet, the latter of these two airports has the advantage of being located closer to the center of Cannes (only six kilometers from the center of the city). Also, it is rather renowned among the sundry VIPs visiting Cannes for various reasons, enabling the traffic of small private planes.

However, the heydays of this fine airport have been recorded as from the 1903s, when it stood out as the only airport on Côte d’Azur, servicing not just the city of Cannes as such, but St. Tropez and Monaco as well. Since then, the Cannes Mandelieu Airport has been providing an excellent platform for both the business and tourist activities developed in Côte d’Azur. It’s obvious that Cannes Mandelieu Airport has plaid an essential role in the overall well-being of the French Riviera.

With a surface of 155 hectares (of which 36 hectares belong to the commune of Mandelieu and 79 to Cannes), and given its tradition of welcoming business and leisure tourists, the Cannes Mandelieu Airport disposes of excellent assistance services, all conceived in view of making the passage of travelers as pleasant and as quick as possible. Waiting rooms fitted with wireless internet connection, the fine VIP lounges, more than 400 parking spaces (of which 370 are free of charge) or the accompaniment of passengers and luggage, all these turn Cannes Mandelieu Airport into the swiftest passage possible.

Finally, the proficiency of this airport is mirrored by the impressive economic numbers it produces each year, rising up to almost 300 millions of euros. It must be mentioned that Cannes Mandelieu Airport complies with several economic, service quality and environment protection standards, which means that the impact of this airport is meant to be enhanced as much as possible in terms of efficiency, and just as much diminished in terms of pollution and possible damage to the environment. Adding the fact that some consider Cannes Mandelieu Airport to be the second airport, next to Paris Burget Airport, in terms of business traveling, there is nothing much left to say in order to argue the importance of this airport for what Côte d’Azur means from all points of view.

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