It is true that Cannes is world renowned for hosting the prestigious International Film Festival which boosts up the reputation of this French resort. However, Cannes proves to have a rather eventful calendar, and one of the most awaited happenings in the city is represented by the Cannes Half Marathon.

Race Length

With a course length of 21.1 kilometers, the Half Marathon hosted by Cannes manages to amass more than 3000 participants each year. It might be stated that this Half Marathon has already turned into a tradition, since it has been held yearly without interruption since 1992, the only two variables of this event referring to the course of the marathon and to the actual date when it takes place. But may it be the Boulevard de la Croisette, the Boulevard du Rivage or any other street in Cannes to actually delineate the course of the marathon, one fact is certain: the race will always leave its mark on the city by boosting up its already notable liveliness.

The prestige of this race managed to consolidate by the contribution of several important partners, ranging from media promoters to establishments offering certain discounts and facilities to the participants to this event. The degree of excellence of the Cannes Half Marathon has been generally acknowledged, this race being rated and recommended as one of the 101 courses to conquer before dieing. This is a tip connoisseurs should seriously consider, since being a winner in Cannes is not a title one can easily disregard.

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