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Despite the fact that planning a trip to Cannes is more about fulfilling a dream and fantasizing about the many extraordinary objectives to visits and things to do, a thorough tourist should also take into consideration a series of more down-to-earth technicalities the disregard of which would make the stay in Cannes more difficult than initially expected.

Currency and Bureau de change

Just like many of the European states and city, Cannes too has adopted the unique currency of the European Community, namely, the Euro. For people coming from outside Europe, notes refer to 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 euro bills, whereas coins consist of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 eurocent coins and 1 and 2 euro coins.

Currency exchange

Despite the fact that the most crowded places of Cannes – such as airports, some larger hotels and the most frequented tourist areas – are replete with exchange offices, the best deal one can make is at the bank, this kind of establishments offering the best rates for cash and travel checks alike. Yet, tourists should know that banks generally open from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 12am, and from 3pm to 5pm, respectively. On the other hand, banks at the airports have longer business hours, between 6.30am and 10.30pm.

Cannes Credit cards

Credit Cards like Visa, Access, or AMEX, as well as other cards with resonant names are accepted by most of the numerous ATMs in Cannes, as well as by most of the venues which are somewhat related to the tourist activity of the city.

Internet and WIFI Hotspots Cannes

Being and keeping in touch with the events which do not necessarily concern a tourist’s trip to Cannes sometimes may prove to be the single ingredient for completing a perfect vacations. This is why Cannes makes available to its visitors a free WiFi covered area, namely, the Town Hall’s Gardens. Furthermore, connections to the internet, may them be wireless or not, can be established in most of the hotels and other commercial areas of the city.

Cannes Post offices

There are four post offices in Cannes, which is why those who want to communicate the old fashion way, or to send packages they could not deliver in any other way have plenty of possibilities to do it.

La Poste Bureau de Cannes Principal
22, Rue Bivouac Napoléon, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 06 26 50 or 0033 (0)4 93 06 26 58
PostOffice La Bocca:
(78, Avenue Francis Tonner, 06150, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033(0)4 93 48 70 00)
La Poste Cannes Mimont:
34, Rue Mimont, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033(0)4 93 06 27 00
La Poste Cannes Carnot:
7, Rue Liège, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033(0)492 18 62 04

Cannes PostOffices service their clients’ needs during their business hours, namely, from 8am to 7pm weekdays and 8am to 12am on Saturdays. Letter boxes are easily recognizable by their yellow blatant yellow color, and the process of delivering a letter or a post card should not be hindered by any difficulty, since stamps can be acquired from any post office, newsstand or tobacconist’s shop.

Emergency Numbers

However smooth might one think their stay in Cannes will be, unexpected events may occur, which is why certain telephone numbers or addresses are necessary for dealing with situations which exceed tourists’ capacity or authority of acting.

Cannes Hospital:
13, Avenue des Broussailes, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 69 70 00
Hospital emergencies:
0033 (0)4 93 69 71 50
Cannes Central Police Station:
1, Avenue de Grasse, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 06 22 22
La Bocca Police Station:
1, Avenue Michel Jourdan, 06150, Cannes La Bocca
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 47 38 00

Language: French

However, most of the people working in the tourist industry are trained to speak English, precisely because Cannes always expects a large flow of tourists managing to communicate better in English. Luxury hotels, restaurants, shops, clubs etc. turn English literacy into a prerequisite for their staff.

Time Zone: GMT plus one hour.

Cannes Tourist Information Offices

La Croisette Tourist Office:
Palais des Festivals, 1, Boulevard La Croisette, 06400, Cannes, France
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 92 99 84 22
0033 (0)4 92 99 84 23
Train Station Tourist Office:
Place Gare (Train Station), Boulevard d’Alsace, 06400, Cannes, France
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 99 19 77
0033 (0)4 93 39 40 19
La Bocca Tourist Office:
1, Avenue Pierre Semard, La Bocca district, 06150, Cannes, France
Telephone number:
0033 (0)4 93 47 04 12
0033 (0)4 93 90 99 85

Lost and found - Cannes

Lost and found personal effects office: 11, Avenue Saint Louis, 06400, Cannes, telephone number: 0033 (0)4 97 06 40 00, open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

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