Le Suquet Restaurants

Le Suquet, the Old Town Center, is said to be the place which amasses the best restaurants in Cannes. In addition, La Croisette is yet another thoroughfare along which a consistent number of eating venues are located. Eventually, Le Vieux Port can boast the same concourse of restaurants, but the overall picture of Cannes in terms of cuisine is that of a place replete with generous gastronomic offers originated in a large range of international, local and traditional cuisines.

Thus, 24 Suquet (24, Rue du Suquet, telephone number (04) 9338 7522) is popular both with locals and tourists given its observance for the Provencal cuisine and the pleasant environment in which meals are usually served. Le Suquet also hosts another extremely frequented restaurant, namely, Le Marais (9, Rue du Suquet, telephone number (04) 9338 3919), which is best described as a crossing point of Provencal and Parisian features, both with respect to foodstuff and atmosphere. It excels in the world of Cannes restaurants by its highly appreciated outdoor terrace.

La Canna Suisse (23, Rue de Forville, telephone number (04) 9399 0127) is extremely close to its Old City Center counterparts and its particularity refers to the fact that, while dining in this chalet-like restaurant, clients can sample the finest cheese-based Swiss dishes. Enthusiasts of such specialties should know that the restaurant closes in summer, only to reopen for the rest of the year, which is an extremely inspired strategy, since its gastronomic code parallels better the rather colder weather.

Restaurants on La Croisette

La Croisette, as aforementioned, is bordered by numerous restaurants, of which La Palme D’Or (73, Boulevard de la Croisette (Hotel Martinez), telephone number (04) 9298 7414) is a genuine peak of what Cannes has to offer in terms of eating venues. Its wonderful Mediterranean dishes comply with the most demanding gastronomic standards, and the experience of a meal proper is complemented by the art deco indoor structures and decorations. It is highly frequented by celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival, which is enough of a reason for increasing the appeal of this restaurant to the large public.

Le Restaurant Armenien (82, Boulevard de la Croisette, telephone number (04) 9394 0058) is recommended for those in search of a rather little known cuisine, but which is closely observed by this eating venue. The heartiness and richness of Armenian cuisine will definitely conquer even the most unthinkable whims. Le Festival (52, Boulevard de la Croisette, telehpne number (04) 9338 0481), just as the name suggests, has made its way through in the crowded world of Cannes restaurants as an eating venue highly frequented by film stars and other celebrities arriving in Cannes either during the Film Festival or to any other end. The restaurant makes the best of this reputation, and it capitalizes it in order to increase its value as stylish and popular restaurant. Le Baôli (Port Canto, Boulevard de la Croisette, telephone number (04) 9343 0343) is a rather atypical, but completely inviting presence in the crowded atmosphere of La Croisette, combining French and Japanese dishes into a formula greatly appreciated by seekers of new gastronomic experiences. The atmosphere does not fall short of the expectations all clients can develop in relation to this eating venue.

Le Ralais des Semailles (9, Rue St. Antoine, telephone number (04) 9339 2232), La Tantra (13, Rue du Dr. Monod, telephone number (04) 9339 4039) – also known as Le Loft – La Mere Besson (13, Rue des Freres-Pradignac, telephone number (04) 9339 5924) and Le Harem (15, Rue des Freres-Pradignac, telephone number (04) 9339 6270) complement the overall picture of restaurants in this famous French Riviera resort, and tourists should know that even if their curiosity might push them to visit and to try as many as possible of the finest eating venues, they can only try and get the satisfaction of happening to be in one of the most rightfully popular French Mediterranean resort which lives up to its label even in terms of culinary art.

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