It goes without saying that visitors of Cannes are highly unlikely to even begin to get bored, but it is just as conceivable to think that certain tourists might like to spend their time – and money, for that matter – in ways that do not necessary imply sunbathing, for instance. For such people – tourists and locals alike – Cannes is the perfect place for purchasing rare items displayed by the few auction houses in the city.

Cannes Enchères Appay-Debussy auction house

In this respect, Cannes Enchères Appay-Debussy auction house is the best alternative for acquiring works of art produced by an impressive number of artists.

Enchères Appay-Debussy:
20, Rue Jean Jaurès, 6400, Cannes, France
Telephone number:
0033 (0) 4 93 38 41 47
0033 (0) 4 93 38 41 47

Besch Cannes Auction

An alternative refers to Besch Cannes Auction which puts to sale a rather larger variety of items, ranging from prestigious wines and spirits to works of art and collection cars, not to mention rare jewels and pieces of archeological findings.

Besch Cannes Auction:
45, La Croisette, 06400, Cannes, France
Telephone number:
0033 (0) 4 93 99 33 49
0033 (0) 4 93 99 30 03

Azur Enchères Cannes

Azur Enchères Cannes is a public sale auction house which complements the inviting picture of such venues in Cannes, being specialized mostly on the public sale of furniture. It also provides estimates and expertise services.

Azur Enchères Cannes:
31, Boulevard Alsace, 06400, Cannes
Telephone number:
0033 (0) 4 93 39 01 35

To sum it up, being the shoppers’ paradise that it actually is, it’s more than natural for Cannes to host such action houses which, in fact, round up the general intense trend of indulging in money spending activities, but adding, at the same time, a supplementary touch of class and a taste for rarities for those in search of spending quality time in Cannes.

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