The fact that Cannes is exemplary for what the French Riviera generally means for tourists around the world – meaning that its beaches represent the visiting card of the city – comes, along with the benefits of such a label, with the risk of overshadowing the other tourist hotspots of the resort.

Cannes Film Festival

Indeed, the Cannes Film Festival aside, its beaches are the first thing to be called up when thinking about this city. The thriving beach activities of this resort are enabled by the mild Mediterranean climate, but also by the many amenities they are fitted with. Divided into two categories, namely, private beaches and public ones, the beaches in Cannes and those located in the islands around Cannes yield a more than generous range of options. Thus, tourists can choose from the ones lying along the Boulevard de la Croisette (this boulevard as such being an inviting objective, regardless of tourists’ decision of sunbathing) – which, for that matter, are the most crowded – or may opt for the beaches located in the islands nearby Cannes.

Le Suquet - Cannes

Le Suquet, or the Old City Center, represents yet another attraction impossible to miss, since it amasses most of the historic and cultural objectives of Cannes. The area is replete with landmarks that must be ticked off in view of making a proper image about the city and to discover the less sunny – yet, just as interesting – side of Cannes.

Cannes Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès is a definite must-see, this landmark being the place where the famed Cannes Film Festival is held. Its power to attract the large public is easily understandable, given that it is in our human nature to try to at least get acquainted with this small corner of the world of celebrities.

Cannes Villas

Moreover, Cannes is reputed for its impressive villas which turn the city into a stylish destination. Villa Rothschild and Villa Eleonore Louise, as well as Villa Domergue, are the most noteworthy of such landmarks, and they substantiate the taste for elegance of the wealthy inhabitants of Cannes in the 19th and the 20th century.

Cannes Islands

The islands nearby Cannes are worth paying a visit, both to the effect of sunbathing or in order to visit whatever objectives have been built on them. The St. Marguerite Island (Île Sainte-Marguerite) boasts with its Maritime Museum (Musée de la Mer), whereas St. Honorat Island (Île Saint-Honorat) features a peculiar particularity, having been exclusively inhabited by monks since the 5th century until now.

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