If sunbathing sessions do not represent the best way of spending time in Cannes one can think of, it is highly likely that the next best thing to opt for is shopping. Indeed, Cannes might just as well survive on the tourist map of the world exclusively by the wonderful shopping opportunities it make available, being largely and rightfully deemed a shopping Mecca. But what is truly remarkable about Cannes is that it is replete with occasions for both bigwigs and less well-to-do visitors, bypassing at the same time the risk of being considered a snob’s paradise or, on the contrary, a cheap haven for marketing an endless mimicry of what style and elegance generally represent.

Shops on La Croisette

To begin with, La Croisette doubles its statute of being the most important landmark indicating the best beaches in Cannes with hosting the best boutiques selling designers’ products, ranging from Bulgari, Cartier and Gucci to Ralph Lauren, Chanel and Armani. All products come at a price, but even if one can not afford to actually buy the pricey offers on this boulevard, they can at least indulge in enjoying the display of world renowned brands.

Shops on Rue d’Antibes

In addition, Rue d’Antibes, which runs parallel to La Croisette, makes available a series of brands such as Zara, Martine Foubert and Madura, just to cite a few, covering all shopping needs, from clothes and jewelry to perfumes. Rue d’Antibes is also a great market for florist shops and, if, again, financial limitations can not be exceeded by the shopping appetite, window shopping can prove to be just as rewarding. But while on Rue d’Antibes, the products of two of the most inviting chocolate shops and confectioneries, namely, Maiffret and Chez Bruno must be sampled just for the thrill of taste.

Shopping on Rue Meynadier

On the other hand, Rue Meynadier has the reputation of being much more affordable, giving tourists and locals alike the occasion to satisfy their shopping fantasies. Most sellers are opened to bargaining, so the chance of leaving with a precious Cannes acquisition is enhanced from the first place. In addition, Rue Meynadier excels in hosting a large number of shopping centers marketing a large and tempting range of some of the finest olives, wines, cheeses and herbs.

Shopping at Marché Forville

The bottom line is Cannes, obviously, is replete with wonderful shopping opportunities for all pockets and tastes, which complements the sparkling joy of life of the resort, rounding up the lovely moments spent at the beach or while exploring the dynamic nightlife of the city. But when it comes to shopping, Cannes can be a genuine maze with an incredible magnetism to the public. However, besides the main aforementioned thoroughfares, visitors should know that, for instance, the Forville Market (Marché Forville) and the La Bocca district are just as worth visiting in order to make a proper image of the shopping life of the resort, not to mention the other small streets featuring their own surprises in terms of shopping.

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