Marché Forville

The Forville Market (Marché Forville) is most certainly the most renowned market in the entire Cannes, being at the same time an opportunity, on the one hand, for buyers to sample the freshest locally produced or even homemade or homegrown fruit, vegetables and flowers, and, on the other hand, for sellers to market the results of their work. The Forville Market is located in the famous Le Suquet, between the town hall and the railway station, on Rue Félix Faure. Besides the fruit of the earth proper, the market also hosts a good trade of fresh fish, cheese and eggs. Visitors should know that the Market is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, Monday being reserved for the so called Marché Brocante, or flea market, when a different kind of items are being displayed, ranging from paintings and books to vintage jewelry.

Place Gambetta

Place Gambetta, on the other hand, does not necessarily focus on the exclusive trade of foodstuffs and flowers, but on clothes and a range of other various products too. The best landmark indicating the Gambetta Market is Rue d’Antibes, the market as such being located northwards from this street, near the train station. Just like its bigger counterpart, the Gambetta Market is closed Monday.

Markets of La Bocca

The La Bocca district of Cannes also boasts two significant markets, one of them enabling the selling of fruit and vegetables, the other one promoting the trade of fruit, vegetables and clothes alike. They are opened Tuesday to Sunday and daily, respectively.

Allées Flower Market

A notable flower market is represented by the Allées, which is opened every day, but the Bygone Times Market is also worth mentioning, being located in Place de l’Etang, and opening every Friday.

Obviously, Cannes puts forward a generous offer of markets to choose from, covering the needs of both locals and tourists who care to cater by themselves, having at the same time the guarantee of being provided with the freshest products one can get in the city.

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